Display tasks with a chart

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Enter information about each resource that is supposed to do a specific task, and the dates each task is supposed to be done. You may add information about how much of each task that is completed (in percent). The tasks are displayed in a "chart" similar to a Gantt-chart.
The chart can be scaled to display days, weeks or months.
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Updated: 2006-05-10   Requires: XL97   File size: 51 kB    Protected project

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OPE | 2017-11-02 15:42:20 (GMT)

There are no support for milestones in this solution, the only option is to adapt to the limitations and plot planned tasks up to a milestone and then add a new task after the milestone.
Another option is to add a "task" and name it Milestones and then plot small milestone "tasks".

Fred | 2017-11-02 14:44:49 (GMT)

How can I manage to display milestones?

Julio | 2011-10-28 12:22:08 (GMT)

Parabéns pelo site. Bravo!