Erlandsen Data Consulting

Erlandsen Data Consulting is located in Drammen, Norway and has since 1998 (for more than 25 years) provided consulting services and solutions to individuals and small, medium and large companies, including international clients.
EDC can create all types of solutions from simple worksheets and templates to complete applications and complex solutions, helping you to take advantage of the power and possibilities in your existing software and make your business more productive.

Contact Information

Erlandsen Data Consulting
Kremlestien 27, N-3032 DRAMMEN, NORWAY NO 980 180 514 MVA
Use the e-mail address to contact me and describe your project/problem as detailed as possible so that I can answer your inquiry in the best possible way.

Available Services

If you find yourself doing things over and over again or feel that you are doing something that should have been easier to accomplish, then I can probably help you with a solution.
I have experience with developing solutions for the Microsoft Office products since 1989 and also have my own code library that will help me to develop your solution as quick as possible.
By making the most of the possibilities in your current software you can avoid buying something new.
Custom applications and routines specially adapted to your company's needs can automate the boring and time consuming routine tasks so they can be done in a fraction of the time they use today.
This will also increase your productivity.

Application development and task automation

  • Customizing worksheets, templates, add-ins, macros, functions and complete applications
  • Creating solutions that integrates the different Office applications
  • Retrieving data from all sorts of databases and other external data sources and converting/adding necessary information to create the result you want
  • Assisting you in adding that final touch to make your own VBA solution behave like you intended it to do

Classes, workshops, documentation

  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Office, Internet
  • Workshop in VBA programming
  • Windows (all versions)
  • Documentation development
  • Translations between English and Norwegian

About Ole P. Erlandsen

  • I'm 50-something, living in Drammen, Norway
  • I have been working as an economy consultant and IT consultant since 1989.
  • I have an education in economics and marketing from the Norwegian School of Marketing in Oslo, Norway.
  • I have been developing solutions for Excel and the other Microsoft Office applications since 1989.
  • I have been teaching people how to use Excel and the other Microsoft Office-applications since 1990.

In other words: more than 35 years of experience with developing solutions using VBA for Excel/Office.