About the examples and tools on this site

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All macro programming is in US English. Some examples contains Norwegian text labels, but don't be scared. You will probably see how to use them anyway.

Files marked with XL97 can only be used with Excel 97 or later.
Files marked with XL2000 can only be used with Excel 2000 or later.

Some files available for download are protected, you will probably not be able to view the code and edit the contents. Protected files are marked with Protected project.

Disclaimer: All files available for download are provided "as-is", without any warranty or support. All examples may be used free of charge, and you may adapt them for use in your own projects. All use of these examples and utilities is at your own risk. The files have been tested, but this does not guarantee that they will work on your machine.

If you have any requests or comments to these examples you may contact me by e-mail (see this page for contact information).
If you translate any of the Norwegian workbooks to another language I would appreciate a copy.

NOTE: All files are compressed to make the file transfer go faster, you need 7zip, WinZip or similar to unpack the files.

NOTE: Downloaded files might be blocked:
Blocked files can be un-blocked using Windows Explorer:
Right-click on the filename og select Properties.
Activate the "General" tab.
If the file is blocked you will be able to check the "Unblock" option at the bottom right corner in the dialog.
Click the OK button to update the file properties.

You can change the settings regarding blocked files (must be done in the application: Excel, Word, PowerPoint):
File, Options
Trust Center, Trust Center Settings...
Protected View
Check or un-check the available options.
Click OK to save any changes.

NOTE: Regarding tips from this site published on exceltip.com:
On April 21st 2003 Joseph Rubin, the owner of the site exceltip.com, asked for permission to republish tips from erlandsendata.no on his site exceltip.com.
Permission to republish content from erlandsendata.no was granted on April 22nd 2003 on the condition that each republished tip from erlandsendata.no on exceltip.com contained a link back to erlandsendata.no.
On April 25th 2003 Joseph Rubin confirmed that more than 50 tips from erlandsendata.no was republished on exceltip.com with a link back to erlandsendata.no and a reference to my name on each republished tip.
I verified that Joseph Rubin had published tips from erlandsendata.no and every published tip contained a reference to my name and a link back to erlandsendata.no as per our agreement.
E-mail containing the agreement between erlandsendata.no and exceltip.com.

After new owners took over the site exceltip.com, the new owners have not been honoring the original agreement and are republishing tips from erlandsendata.no without any reference or link back to erlandsendata.no. Exceltip.com are also not answering my requests where I have asked them to honor the agreement and add a link back to erlandsendata.no on the tips they publish that originated from erlandsendata.no.