Hyperion Essbase error message

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While working with the Hyperion Essbase Spreadsheet addin to retreive information from an accounting server, the error message "Currently, multiple reports per retrieval is not supported" started to show up, on reports that previously had worked without any problems.
And other users could use the same reports to retreive data without any problems.
After much tinkering and testing I finally found the culprit: the Excel application was open with multiple instances.

You can determine this by opening Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose Task Manager).
If you look in the Processes window, then you will probably find multiple instances of EXCEL.EXE, or maybe only one even if you have closed your visible instance of Excel.
Using Task Manager you can also close those hidden instances of Excel by clicking on the process name and then click on the End Process-button in the lower right corner of the dialog.
Restart Excel and your Hyperion report should now work as it was intended to.

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Patrick | 2011-08-31 15:24:40 (GMT)

I just encountered this issue also and it turned out that #Missing Label was replacing with text zero's, so the setting to retain formulas on retrieval was conflicting with these. Removing the text zero's cleared this error. I also had the user change the replace #Missing Label with: (0) to get the number zero to avoid this in the future.

OPE | 2011-02-01 14:54:23 (GMT)

I encountered another situation today where this error message was displayed, and the user had only one single instance of Excel running on his computer.
I managed to narrow the problem down to a column where the user had added some custom formulas.
Removing the custom formulas made the report update as it should, and further investigation revealed that the problem was caused by a single cell where the formula returned a text string formatted like "Jan 10", something that Essbase could interpret as a TimePeriode member.
After correcting this faulty formula so that it no longer returned a text string that looked like a TimePeriode member, the report worked like it should again.

OPE | 2010-05-03 13:39:09 (GMT)

The solution above also works when you get the error message "binary spreadsheet table token error".