Use text and numbers in the same cell

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By using text and numbers from several different cells in the same cell you will be able to present your worksheet results in a nice way. To combine the results from two or more cells in one cell, you will have to use the &-function between the different expressions in the formula.

When you combine text and numbers in this way, you loose the number format unless you convert your numbers to text. This is done with the help of the TEXT(number,format)-function where the argument number is the value that is going to be converted to text, and the argument format describes how the number is to be formatted. You can use the same number formats as usual in Excel, or you can use your own custom number formats. It's not necessary to create the custom number format in advance.


="Due date: "&TEXT(TODAY()+15,"")
="Lastname, Firstname: "&C1&", "&B1)