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On April 21st 2003 Joseph Rubin, the owner of the site, asked for permission to republish tips from on his site
Permission to republish content from was granted on April 22nd 2003 on the condition that each republished tip from on contained a link back to
On April 25th 2003 Joseph Rubin confirmed that more than 50 tips from was republished on with a link back to and a reference to my name on each republished tip.
I verified that Joseph Rubin had published tips from and every published tip contained a reference to my name and a link back to as per our agreement.
E-mail containing the agreement between and

After new owners took over the site, the new owners have not been honoring the original agreement and are republishing tips from without any reference or link back to are also not answering my requests where I have asked them to honor the agreement and add a link back to on the tips they publish that originated from