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This add-in lets you create a list of all available CommandBars in Excel, included a detailed list of all controls (menu items, buttons) on each CommandBar.
You can also view up to 10038 (depending on your Office version) available toolbar button symbols and their face id number that can be used on CommandBarButtons in Office97 or later. You can copy each symbol and use it any way you like.
This tool is useful for all that are creating their own custom CommandBars or customizes the built-in menus in any Office application.
After you open the tool you will find a new menu item EDC Tools in the Tools menu (in Excel 2003 or earlier), in Excel 2007 or later you will find the new menu item in the Add-Ins ribbon menu.
Click here to download this file.
Updated: 2006-05-11 Requires: XL97 File size: 66 kB

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